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As you might have heard there will be two IndieWebCamps in May in Germany this year with a distance of only one week to each other. To use this great chance and give you an extra incentive to attend both camps we — that's Joschi & Marc — would like to invite you to join us for the first ever IndieWebWeek.

While we don't have a clear plan of what might happen during this week — maybe we could start some kind of collective effort on the first weekend and finish it on the second? — we work hard on the planning of some little extras for you. For example, there will be a small IndieWeb area directly at the beyond tellerrand conference venue in Düsseldorf and an open-door IndieWeb base camp at the tollwerkstatt in Nuremberg as of Thursday.

The group tickets for our joint train ride from Düsseldorf to Nürnberg on Wednesday, May 17th, are booked in the meantime, but of course you can still join us spontaneously! We're also happy to announce that we had a couple of applications for our travel assistance fund and will take over some costs for two both-camps attendees.

We're hoping to see you in May! :)

May 13th-14th: IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf 2017

Please register here for the IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf and don't forget to put yourself on the guest list (ping Marc via email or Twitter if you need help with that).

We'll try to come up with some accommodation suggestions for Düsseldorf and put them here shortly.

May 17th: Düsseldorf 🚅 Nürnberg 2017

Those of you who plan to attend both camps might be interested in joining us for a train ride on Wednesday, May 17th. We booked group tickets for the ICE623 (add it to your calendar), leaving Düsseldorf at 10:12 a.m. and arriving in Nuremberg at 2:16 p.m. — just in time for strolling around the old town a bit before swinging by the Homebrew Website Club Nuremberg that very evening. You can still join us spontaneously and buy a ticket yourself — we reserved the seats 81, 83 and 91-98 in wagon 23 to be precise.

May 17th: Homebrew Website Club Nürnberg 2017

As you probably know, Wednesday is HWC day, so it goes without saying that there will be a Homebrew Website Club in Nuremberg on the evening we arrive. We meet around 18:00 at the tollwerkstatt to hack and improve on our personal websites before we — probably‽ — move on and go to the medieval downtown afterwards. Did we mention that Nuremberg lies in the heart of a region familiar for its hundreds of ancient breweries? 😎

You might also want to know that there's the Nürnberg Web Week from May 15th-22nd. Why not attend some of the almost 100 mostly free events while you're in Nuremberg?

May 18th: Evaluating technology — a master class workshop with Jeremy Keith

Not strictly IndieWeb related, but while you're here you might consider attending the full-day master class workshop Jeremy and I put together for Thursday, May 18th. We'll gather at the tollwerkstatt and discuss many of the recent web technologies you've been hearing so much about. Browser APIs, dev tools, frameworks… What's hot? What's not? And how do you decide whether a particular technology is right for you?

Tickets are available via Tito and XING there there are still some left.

May 20th-21st: IndieWebCamp Nürnberg 2017

Please register here for the IndieWebCamp Nürnberg and don't forget to put yourself on the guest list (ping Joschi via email or Twitter if you need help with that).

We'll come up with some accommodation suggestions for Nürnberg as well and put them here shortly — have a look again soon!

Travel Assistance

The IndieWeb community is building the foundation of a web controlled by individuals for themselves. It's crucial to have independent web creators from all backgrounds at the IndieWebCamps to have a rich discussion and build cool things.

Inspired by last year's IndieWeb summit — and with the help of some generous sponsors (most importantly openSUSE) — we were able provide a small travel assistance fund for the IndieWebWeek. As a member of a group that is typically underrepresented (e.g. if you are not hetero, white, cis and male) and otherwise could not afford to travel to one or both of the IndieWebWeek camps on your own, we offered to assist you with travel and/or lodging costs.

Applications for the fund closed on March 31st and we're very happy to announce that we could take over the major part of expenses for two applicants. They will attend both camps and we're very happy to have helped them out.